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Last week, I attended a short Marketing Masterclass where I was told that to be able to sell my services I needed to know WHY I am a Personal Trainer. Finding that answer was easy: “I want to help women to feel empowered, confident and healthy in their body through exercising and a good relationship with food.”

The Marketing expert explained that I needed to think about my target audience and tell their story through my business. The thing is I am my target audience, so I am going to tell you my story…

Over the last 11 years, as I started my journey as a fitness professional, I went through 2 C-sections that were followed by the baby-blues, raised 2 beautiful kids (still raising them – they seem to be sticking around), lost a parent, suffered from depression, moved 3 times, suffered from lower back spasms, injured my knee, experienced anxiety, got divorced, and recovered from an eating disorder (yes, extreme restriction and compulsive binging are eating disorders).

Through all these events, exercise has been the one constant that stuck around. On occasion, it was a bit obsessive, I guess to compensate for the issues I was having at the time, but overall, it was a way to escape, to feel strong and in control, to do something I knew how to do well, and it always, always put me in a better place.

Writing this post is not easy for me because I like people to see me as a strong and confident woman, but I realised that to help people who are going through what I went through, I need to be real before anything else. Now I know that just because I suffered from depression doesn’t mean that I can help you with yours, but it does mean that I can understand what you are going through without judging you.

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