Start as You Mean to Go On

New Year’s resolutions can have a very positive impact on our life. Unfortunately, they are often made without real plans. Real lifestyle changes cannot happen from one day to another. It is important to have a final goal but changes must happen progressively. A too big or too fast change will find you soon losing track and getting demotivated.

Let’s say you would like to take up running and to get motivated, you sign up for a 10K run in 10 months’ time. It is an achievable goal so that’s good but if you don’t have a proper plan and have never done any running training before you may find yourself trying too much too fast. It will then become very difficult to stay motivated as you will start thinking that your goal is not achievable and you will then give up.

It’s the same story with weight loss. You decide you want to lose weight. You start a fad diet. You lose too much too fast (which will slow down your metabolism). You then stop the fad diet because you have reached your weight goal. Go back to your normal eating habits, start putting some weight back on, get upset so you eat more unhealthy food, put more weight on… I think you know where I’m going.

A New Year’s resolution should not be a quick fix such as a fad diet. It should be a change. A positive change. A happy change. A healthy change. An achievable change. A change that will make a difference in your life and the life of those you love.

So don’t rush into a resolution. Sit, think, write down, scribble, write again and scribble more until you find what changes you would really like to undertake. But most importantly, plan a progressive change. Start as you mean to go on.

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