"I have attended Zumba Gold classes run by Louise and the experience was most enjoyable, not least because her enthusiasm is infectious.  She has clear objectives, is organised, well presented and is conscientious in her creative preparation for the sessions, choosing exciting and appropriate music whilst choreographing well planned dance moves.  Louise is always aware of safety and of the individual needs of every class member.  Ms Zakine has a good sense of humour, interacts well with others, is a good communicator and she has a wide skillset.  There is no doubt that she will prove herself to be an asset to your organisation and I have no reservation whatsoever in recommending Louise Zakine to you for your careful consideration."

--- Carole Romaine, Retired Teacher

"Louise's sunshine personality and infectious choice of tunes makes her Zumba class a must go to experience, melts away the stresses of any day & even though it's a fantastic work it feels like you are just dancing with friends."

--- Jenny Witty, Sales Manager

"I have just completed a 12 week programme with Louise and am eternally grateful for the change it has made to my life. My goal was to build my self-confidence and to develop my strength to work towards my long term goal of running a marathon next year. What I was not expecting was the major changes Louise has made to my diet which has improved beyond measure. I have loved the recipes and Louise’s knowledge of the nutrients I need to boost my energy. Louise was able to put me immediately at ease and introduce me to exercises I have never tried before whilst being mindful of a previous injury. I have seen visible results in the 12 weeks in developing my core strength and now have the self-confidence to attend the local gym! I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Louise and would recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their fitness or diet. Louise has helped to encourage, support and advise me to increase my running mileage and I recently improved my best distance by 4 miles. She is very reliable, warm and hugely knowledgeable about all aspects of nutrition and exercise."

--- Rachel West, Social Worker

"I worked with Louise as a personal trainer for 12 weeks, I found Louise to be very professional but most of all very enthusiastic and passionate about what she does.  Louise's not only helped me build fitness but helped me regain some lost confidence.  I understand foods better now and my body and this will stay with as my journey with Louise has ended."

--- Geraldine Sellars, Social Worker

"I was new to Zumba when I first join Louise’s classes and I was taken in really well.  Louise was very friendly, fun and professional, I couldn't wait for it to be Wednesday so I could go to class. Very highly recommended."

--- Laura Richards, stay at home mum of 4

"I attended Zumba classes ran by Louise and I can honestly say I enjoyed the class more than any other fitness class I have been to. Louise was a brilliant fitness instructor, she had great energy and made working out really fun.  I would look forward to the weekly sessions, they were fun and energetic, Louise always had the songs and dances planned out and was fab at teaching the routines.  I have been to other Zumba classes but the teachers have never put as much effort in to help you learn the routines.  Every week I would come away from the classes feeling like I had had a great work out but had fun whilst doing it.  I would highly recommend her to anybody who's wanting to get in shape in a fun and energetic way."

--- Francesca Wilson, Student

"After my second baby I found that I plateaued with my weight loss after six months and was unhappy with my body. Following a consultation with Louise, it was clear that there was two of us that would be striving to meet my weight-loss goals. The results were amazing! I exceeded my weight loss and toned up my whole body. I felt healthy, energetic and for the first time ever, enjoyed exercising.  The training sessions were really enjoyable, and Louise had a real knack of pushing me further. I am thrilled that Louise helped me to get my body confidence back. And the good news is that the weight has stayed off six months after my first training session! I highly recommend Bloom Fitness."

--- Mia Sneyd, Self-employed Education consultant

"I booked a block of exercise sessions with Louise, and thoroughly enjoyed them.  Although the sessions were challenging, I knew that it was doing me good. Louise is extremely knowledgeable about exercise and always ensured that I tackled everything in the correct manner, so as to be effective and safe.  The sessions were fun, and less intimidating than going to a gym. The background music was also great!  Louise is passionate about nutrition and inspired me with some delicious recipes. I definitely recommend the granola! I was also grateful that Louise was on hand via text or phone, to answer any questions or to suggest alternatives to some of the normal foods that I would eat.  If you want a lifestyle change, then I would definitely recommend Bloom fitness."

--- Katie Morley, Teacher Assistant

"Zumba classes with Bloom Fitness were always filled to the brim with fun, well-choreographed routines to music from around the globe.  A fabulous opportunity to meet and make new friends whilst improving my fitness and wellbeing."

--- Tracey Mitcham, Outreach Practitioner for young people with ASD

"This lady is AMAZING!! I have had Thyroid trouble for 7 years and also had major body changing surgery 2 years ago that wiped my confidence. Louise makes sure she takes everything on board and tailors the program to suit you. I am so happy with the results this far and I'm ready to keep going."


--- Lisa Crawley, Cosmetic tattooist